Paint Protection Film


100% Coverage

100% coverage means that the entirety of your vehicles paint will be covered in Paint Protection Film. 
If you are interested please email me for a quote.

Full Front 

Full front includes: full hood, full fenders, front bumper mirrors and roof strip. 
The total cost for a regular 4 door sedan is $1500 plus tax. (exotic and intricate bumper sets may cost extra)


Maid To Order

You can peace this yourself and choose you level of protection.

Front Bumper = $500

Full Hood = $500

Hood Strip = $200

Basic Mirrors = $150 (pair)

Full Fenders = $200 (each)

Fender Strip = $75 Each

Roof Strip = $200

Wheel Corners = $50 (each)

Side Skirts = $200 (pair)

Grocery strip = $75

Tax not included in price.