Vinyl Wrap Projects


GT Roots

3M Vinyl

This was a full conversion of a 1999 911 C4S into a track car to compete in SCCA Races. The car is fully wrapped in matte Blue over the original faded yellow paint. Then accented with carbon fiber overlay creating the forward motion design, fully sealed with a candy shell ceramic coat and keeping with its' GT roots.


 Rally Art.

3M Vinyl

This client requested a mix between old-school and new-school. So we created the design of old-school large sponsor decals and combined it with the more modern Subi art and underlaid it with a carbon fiber wrap on the hood. Then sealed it with a vinyl safe high gloss ceramic coat for a premium rally, show car finish.


Simple Dreams

Avery Vinyl

Sometimes a minimalistic approach is the best. For an up and coming Time Trial racer, this approach defines his simplicity but effectiveness. This design was portrayed by a simple honeycomb shape pattern over the original car color to accent the beaks and the underhood upgrades. The design was offset between the driver (front) and the passenger (back).



3M Vinyl

Hydra beware, this is a spinoff on the critically acclaimed agents of shield. though there is no affiliation to the franchise, this jeep was created to emulate the series and tie in the avengers with a subtotal hint on the hood which portrays the clients admiration for the series and marvel.


This Is The Way

3M Vinyl

If the Mandalorian needed a Jeep, this would be it. The design was taken from the Razer Crest which is the famed ship of the Mandalorian along with other intricate details that make this Jeep, The Way.


The Bat

Avery Vinyl

When Batman Vs Superman came out the Jeep Renegade had its version of the movie. So we decided to expand on that and create the subtle and dynamic twist called the Bat.

old to new.png

Old to New

3M Vinyl

This car was brought to me by a father that wanted to give his son a new take on an older car.


Orange Crush

3M Vinyl

This client wanted to renew the Crush he had on his dream car by rejuvenating its look and luster.


Transformation Tesla


When a tesla was plasti-dipped, it needed to be stripped and given a lease look on life.